Incentive Travel

Incentive Travel

The real discovery journey is not to search new places but to see through new eyes Marcel Proust, In search of a lost time.

The Incentive Travel has more value than any other kind of inducement. 

It is a marketing strategy to secure customer loyalty and to reward the achieving of the established target.
It represents the best  support for the promotional actions and sales campaign, because through mental imaging of the journey experience, the desire to reach the aim is always alive. 
Its effect doesn’t finish after the travel, but remains a personal patrimony, thanks to re-elaboration, memory and follow-ups.

Omnia Incentive House stimulates the development of your Company through a strong emotional appeal: Incentive Travel.
The programs match the travel dreams of potential participants, allow new ways to visit even the traditional destinations, opening doors to exclusive areas and offering special events.
The creation of tailored packages and the originality of our programs and activities mark the difference between an Incentive Travel and a Standard Journey.  
We identify  the suitable location, the adequate activities to match the optimizing of the budget with the highest value for money.
Your Company has no additional costs for an Incentive Travel, because the necessary expenses contribute to quantify the goal to reach and it is possible to evaluate the profit in regard to the initial investment. 
Our graphic designer supports the communication and advertising campaign, he creates and realizes brochures, banners, totems, posters and he puts into the foreground your Company and its logo.

We propose two different kinds of Incentive Travel, according to the purpose to reach: 

  • For groups, If your Company is interested in economic goal, but also to increase the Company spirit,  developing the group identity of the staff, external collaborators and customers.
  • For individuals, If your Company wants to reward those who reach the budget and give more independency to the winners, who can choose between different locations and different periods for traveling.